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Direct Envelope has been in business since 1997 and is a manufacturer and printer of custom envelopes that are not available off the shelf, servicing the trade including printers and distributors.
If you were to ask Dirk and Suzan Edwards, the sole owners of Direct Envelope one defining characteristic of their company, the answer would be, “providinga great product while treating customers with integrity and consideration”. Our customers are front and center in every aspect of our business…we know that exceeding expectations is our true path to thriving in whatever economic environment that happens to exist. It is not enough we provide a great product at a low cost, it is our superior customer service and attention to detail that separates us from our competitors.

Manufactured-to-order with quick delivery turn times is Direct Envelope’s best proficiency. After your order is placed you will experience on-going communication, and you will feel confident your order is in very capable hands. Whether you are ordering 1,000 envelopes or 1,000,000 our commitment is to treat each order as if it is the most important, highest profile envelope in our portfolio.

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